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RssPublisher is a program that creates and publishes RSS feeds
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RssPublisher is a program capable of generating RSS feeds, which are XML files containing your website updates. RSS is not just a method to increase your website's traffic, but it has become a great method for monetizing your site and driving more revenue through many online programs like "Adsense For Feeds".

The program consists of one screen that has all the input boxes required for filling the properties of the feed and adding multiple topics. Style sheets can be configured for your RSS feeds, so they will look organized to your visitors if they try to access them using their browsers.

A very useful feature found on this program is the ability to preview your XML file source code. Remote RSS feeds can only be downloaded using the 'FTP' protocol and not via the 'HTTP' protocol, which can be considered a weak point, but you still have the option to load them from your local folders.

The internal FTP client has a site manager that enables you to add remote FTP server details plus save each one's password. The program can export a certain number of feeds' titles, descriptions and images; save them as 'HTML' web pages and apply one of the two built-in styles. The interface is multilingual; it supports four languages.

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